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Master Vibot 2008 Memories

right – left : Samia, Saleh, Ionut, Naveed, Kay Kay, Adi, Arun, Iqbal, youssef, Rindra, Bushra, Mathias and arsalan (take a picture)

Dear MasterVIBOT Friends,

This page is for you. You can write something about your memories in last six months that w’re together. I Hope this page can be a small monument for our friendship on little town Le creusot.

so, thats it. you can start writing…


6 Tanggapan

  1. Nice to see you here. Thanks for this post. Cheers!

  2. heeeeeeeellllooooo!!!! how are you doing? i am glad to see that i am with you in that picture! realy i have nice memories with you!maybe we will meet next year!

  3. And i must say that is something beautyfull to see people from diferent contries that can understand each other and have fun without nationality boundaries!it is amaizing!by by

  4. Nice to see these pictures on your blog. I really enjoyed my stay during last 6 months at The Nest….. and as Ionut said, its good to see people from different backgrounds having fun.. Hopefully we will remain in contact, and best of luck for the future ambitions…

  5. wah….itu foto teman-temannya, ya, pak..?
    Pak sufi tinggal di Prancis kah ? Berarti kenal sama mbak Juliach (itu juga kalo gak salah jg nama blognya..) 🙂

    TuanSUFI : betul…, saya tetanggaan dengan Julia di Le creusot, bahkan saya saya belajar banyak dari Julia untuk dapat survive di Perancis ini. Untuk saya, Julia itu Madame Creusotin.

  6. Thanks for the post

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